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Welcome to Geelong Discus

At Geelong Discus, we specialize in providing premium discus, the undisputed king of fresh water aquarium. We are the ONLY discus reseller in Australia that travel every single time, to Malaysia, to carefully hand-pick and select our fish from the facility of our breeders before each import (Pre-COVID). We supply the HIGHEST QUALITY discus in Australia where our business thrive on trust, transparency, and ethical business practices.

Our Discus Health

Our discus have gone through extensive quarantine procedures where fish are treated for internal and external parasites, flukes, and worms. This thorough quarantine process takes about 2~3 weeks to complete. We strive to supply healthy discus for your enjoyment of the hobby.

Our Breeders Network

We have huge breeders network that span the whole Malaysia Peninsular. Being a Malaysian ourselves and benefit from our strong regional know-how, we manage to solve language barriers, understand each farm's geographic advantages, and their water parameters. All these allow us to pick the best discus strain from that particular farm to bring back to Australia. Apart from that, we also understand the regional culture, and hence, able to negotiate for the best fish. We respect breeders' hard work and we pay the fair value for the right fish.

Your Discus Adventure

Your discus journey begins with us knowing your unique experience and background on discus, priorities, needs, and goals for this wonderful hobby. We always love to know you more, your set up, your experience in fish keeping before going into discus selection. 

Your Bespoken Discus Supplier

According to your preference, we may discuss and suggest bespoken discus for your attention from our available stocks or stocks. If there is necessary, we, supported by our strong breeder network, will hunt down the ultimate discus for you. Please understand this may take weeks or months to hunt for the rare strain.

We strive to go beyond your expectations and commit our best effort to deliver this, probably the most highly priced tropical freshwater fish of all time, DISCUS.

What We Sell Apart from Discus

Discus Essentials

Apart from Discus, we also carry a few products we think useful and essential for the discus. They are useful water treatments, water conditional for water change, and discus wormers. We also resell the famous Australian Freeze Dried Black Worms (FDBW) in 200g as we think this is the most economical version of the worms.

Other Fish

On top of discus, we also carry some exotic plecos, e.g.: L27, L190, L203, L14, Blue Eye Panaque and others. We keep these special plecos together with our discus as they are all originated from Amazon and share the same water parameters. Occasionally, we also stock Altum Angle, which match well and enhance the natural look and majestic of your discus tank.

We Ship Australia Wide

We operate around Geelong region and we ship Australia wide. Please feel free to contact us at: or you can call us at: 0425885324 to speak to us. Please note that this is a home business and for our new member, please call us or message us to make an appointment before visiting us. Thank you. 

Figure 1: One of the display tank shot at Geelong Discus

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