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Who are Geelong Discus

Starting as hobbyist, Geelong Discus is now supplying most of the best discus you see in Australia

Born in Malaysia, Dr. Khoo (Khoo Yang on Simply Discus Forum) started keeping tropical fish at the age of 5. From a small 2ft aquarium to a few fish ponds (Japanese Koi). He was amazed with Blue Turquoise when he visited his local fish shop in Melaka. Since then, discus is always in his mind, and the numerous frequent fish shop visits occupy many hours of his childhood.

Dr. Khoo started discus end of 2009 with a few small domestic discus and then quickly acquire his tank of wild discus. Went through a steep learning curve with wild discus and a lot of failures. Putting his research mind into discus, he finally has a better understanding of this beautiful fish. He then started breeding his wilds and wild crosses. Successfully grow them to juvenile and gave away to his good friend while he was on his sabbatical leave for 6 months in Asia.

Dr. Khoo is also an active discus keeper in multiple forums.

The Geelong Discus business is owned by Sharon, wife of Sui. From knowing nothing about discus to now fluent with discus, discus food, and optimal water conditions for discus. Sharon makes the best beef heart mix for all the fish at Geelong Discus. To us, food and water are the only 2 criteria on ensuring great and healthy discus. Sharon's home made beef heart plays a vital role in ensuring good health of our fish. Fish only grow bigger and better in our facility.

Coming from Finance and Banking background, with a wealth of experience working as an internal auditor for Banks in Malaysia and then a few listed companies in Singapore, Sharon's sharp observation help us spot any abnormality of the fish and hence enable us to supply the best discus you can find in Australia.


Figure 1: Dr. Khoo in Singapore


Figure 2: With Jackson Keong from KL Discus Farm

Before COVID, we used to travel to Malaysia every single time before we do our fish shipment. By visiting discus farms, we manage to not only learn the first hand knowledge in discus keeping and disease prevention but also hand pick the best fish we can find in the farm. Many of the breeders are very hard working people. They work tirelessly in their farm, usually from early morning, cleaning their tanks, filters, and then feeding their fish to late evening. We always respect our breeders for their hard work, dedication, and their continuity in producing the many beautiful and unique strains on the market we see today.

Jackson Keong from KL Discus Farm is our main discus supplier. Jackson has the most evenly distributed fish in each of his tank. Most of his fish grow to good shape and in similar size. This is extremely important to ensure good food distribution and growth. Due to his great water condition and feeding style, his fish usually grow to a very big size. Maybe genetic play another vital role too. 

















One of the Largest Discus Farms in Malaysia: YCID
Jackson Keong & KL Discus Farm

Video 1: YCID farm and our October 2020 Shipment

During our early 2019 travel to Malaysia, we are privileged to per-plan a trip with 王竣弘 to visit his new farms.  There, we met with Andy, Winson and friends. You can see one of his farms from Video 1. He has 3 farms in total in Malaysia. They are using some modern technologies raising their fish. Their adults grow to huge size with superior shape.

YCID team is super friendly and knowledgeable. We chat through late nights, even though I have a jet lag with 3 hours difference (we chat till 1 or 2 am Malaysia time, which is equivalent to 4 or 5am Australia time, extremely tired but very exciting) on discus keeping, sharing discus knowledge, discus disease and the importance of proper quarantine. The best part about them is that they are very humble and hold firmly on principle and ethic. We think this is the fundamental of business. And at Geelong Discus, quality is our priority. We strive to provide the best selected fish for our client where our business thrive on trust, transparency, and ethical business practices. We are always upfront if there is any issue on health, defects, or any unpleasant shapes.

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-06 at 11.37.16 PM

Figure 3: With YCID team

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-24 at 6.56.53 PM.

Figure 4: Mega Shipment

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-24 at 7.01.13 PM.

Figure 5: Dr. Khoo with his 55 boxes of discus

Our Import

When it comes to import, we usually do mega shipment that consist of more than 50 boxes per shipment. We have the first hand experience dealing with custom, clearance officers, dealing with fish stress, and how to properly acclimate the fish.


Every single fish you see from Geelong Discus is directly imported by us and we do not go through third party importer and the fish we sell receive our extreme care from day one they enter Australia. This is how we ensure the best possible quality on the discus we supply.

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