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My Beef Heart Recipe

Updated: May 22, 2019

How fast a juvenile discus will grow? What is the growth rate?

You should aim to grow out your discus at a rate of 2.5~3cm per month. This is what we achieve at Geelong Discus. Food is one of the factor in growing healthy discus. Below is the raw ingredient we used for our beef heart mix:

Home made beef heart @ Geelong Discus

Here, we will share with you our well-kept beef heart recipe. It's extremely easy to make

What you need are:

Ingredient 1:

  • 1kg of fresh beef heart – cleaned, trimmed and remove the fat

  • 1kg of kangaroo meat

  • 500g of prawns (fresh with some frozen to top up)

  • 600g of scallops (mixing small and larger scallops)

  • 300g of fish (whiting or salmon)

  • 1 pack of baby spinach (steam well or boil them for 1~2 mins)

Ingredient 2:

  • 2 pack of baby food with peas

  • 2 table spoon of spirulina powder

  • 6 tablets of fish oil

Ingredient 3:

  • 4 table spoon of brewer’s yeast

  • 6 tablets of women Centrum

  • 6 tablets of normal Centrum

  • 4 tablets of calcium & magnesium


  1. Process Ingredient 1 with meat grinder

  2. Mix the processed Ingredient 1 well with Ingredient 2

  3. Put Ingredient 3 into food processor with 15ml of water, process them so that they mix well with water

  4. Now, mix all 3 ingredients together, stir well, add some gelatin or egg yolks as binder

  5. Pack them in freezer bag and is ready to store

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