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Interview with Tammy from Discus Talk USA

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

This is an interview done with Tammy from Discus Talk USA. Tammy is well know for her dedication in discus research, especially different kind of bacteria infections.

She's also a dedicated discus breeder and keeper in the States. She is an active member of one of the best online forum for discus, Simply Discus and managing the Simply Discus Forum on Facebook.

In this talk, Geelong Discus shares his experience on his discus trip back to Malaysia. You will have a deeper understanding about discus import and discus breeders. You will gain more understanding about discus, discus care and appreciate more about the hard work the breeders have done along the years to create the beautiful discus you seen today. I believe you will gain more appreciation about discus after the video.

Last but not least, if you like the talk, please feel free to subscribe to Tammy's Discus Talk Youtube channel.


Note: I have attached the video here, if you prefer to watch on Youtube, use the following link:

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